Ask your MP to sign the No Fossil Funding pledge!

Write to your MP asking them to sign the No Fossil Funding pledge - to reject any financial or other benefits from the industry that is most responsible for climate breakdown.

For decades, the fossil fuel industry has been polluting our politics. They have delayed and blocked the development of meaningful climate policy, and lobbied to criminalise those who are fighting against them. All to keep their business plan - increased fossil fuel extraction - on track.

Fossil Free Parliament is a new, UK-wide movement working to kick the polluters out of our politics for good. Starting here by calling on all MPs to reject financial or other benefits from the fossil fuel industry and its affiliates.

When MPs accept such benefits, they are both implicitly condoning the industry’s dangerous disregard for its role in accelerating the climate crisis and opening themselves up to further influence in favour of the industry’s interests.

Will you write to your MP today to ask them to reject the fossil fuel industry's attempts to buy their favour?