Ask your New York City Council Member to Fund Resilience

New York City is under threat from climate change, with rising temperatures and nearly one million people at risk of flooding today. By the end of the century, climate change could cost the City billions. We must ensure that resilience is prioritized, especially for those facing disproportionate risks. In doing so, we can create good jobs to re-employ those who lost employment during the Covid-19 crisis and update and green the City’s aging infrastructure. New York City must invest in a resilient future. Climate resilience investments in all of New York City’s five boroughs is critical to ensuring that NYC will thrive for generations to come.

Ask your Council Member to prioritize resilience in the FY 2022 budget! We have created a template letter for you to use. Key priorities include:

  • Baselined funding for the Mayor's Office of Climate Resiliency
  • $5 Million for the Greener NYC Initiative
  • $80 Million for parks and open space
  • $2 Billion for NYCHA repairs
  • $100 Million for retrofits and green jobs
  • $10 billion for citywide coastal resiliency capital projects over the next 10 years
  • Maintain continued investments in green and grey infrastructure and crucial Department of Environmental Protection staff
Act now by sending a letter today!