TIME-SENSITIVE: Return the Palestinian School Building and Clinic

Earlier this year, when they received 1300 emails from constituents,
Senators and Representatives prevented the demolition of Al-Maleh school in the West Bank's Jordan Valley! Despite a 96-hour demolition order, the school is standing!

But on October 25, 2021. the Israeli Army confiscated a prefabricated classroom & clinic built with funding from Middle East Children’s Alliance, an American nonprofit organization, and took away the shade above the playground. Ask Congress' help to bring it back.

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Rebuilding Alliance and MECA are working together on this advocacy effort — here are the details:

Al Maleh School (Northern Jordan Valley near Tubas):  

  • Al-Maleh, which is located in the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank, was issued a 96-hour demolition order for their school on December 28th, 2020. The school serves 50 elementary and kindergarten students and was built two years ago using European Union funding. It is also on private land belonging to the Catholic Church and is not within an archaeological zone, as alleged by the Israeli Army.

  • On Monday, February 8th, 2021 the school’s lawyer filed his 5th
    appeal contending that the demolition order contradicts the Army’s own maps — and when members of Congress forwarded that appeal to the Israeli Army, plans to demolish were frozen.

  • In the Fall, 2021, the Al Maleh Village Council installed a playground. In October, 2021, through funding from the Middle East Children's Alliance, the Al Maleh Village Council installed a prefab classroom building and put a metal awning shade over the playground. But on October 25th 2021, the Israeli security forces confiscated a prefabricated classroom & clinic, and took away the shade above the playground.

  • Actions like these are continuing to escalate:

    • Without notice, on November 30th, 2021 just a few miles north in Ras Al-Ahmar a number of water tanks and tractors were confiscated

    • On November 25th in Al Hadidya, families were served demolition orders issued against ten structures, including the village’s residential tents and the simple barns for their livestock, their only source of income.

    • There are 53 other schools facing demolition orders in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

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