Call to Action to Oppose the Permit Reduction Act

The deal to garner support for the Inflation Reduction Act was based on misinformation about the regulatory process. Many multi-billion dollar projects have had trouble being completed because the federal permitting agencies did not provide adequate oversight during the permitting process or execution of the project. Examples include the V.C. Summer nuclear plant multi-billion dollar boondoggle that had a flawed design and the Mountain Valley Pipeline that keeps on losing necessary permits when the courts finally enforce the laws. Mountain Valley claims their project is 94% complete but their federal FERC compliance reports indicate they are barely half finished. Federal agencies need to be funded to fulfill their responsibilities. No project should be able to be permitted without abiding by the environmental protection laws. In order to protect the
public’s and business’ interests.

Please write to your Congressional Representative today!

● Ask that the Energy Independence and Security Act be considered as stand alone legislation to be debated and voted on.
● Ask for an investigation to determine why federal agencies haven’t been able to independently enforce laws.
Oppose the passage of the Energy Independence and Security Act. While the actual text isn't public yet, the American Petroleum Institute (API), a trade association for fossil fuel companies, leaked a summary of the plan and draft bill text. API has this insider information because the "permitting reform" package is their idea. Based on the API leak, the Energy Independence and Security Act would:
1. Restrict public access to the courts to seek remedies against illegal project
2. Place arbitrary limits on the amount of time the public has to comment on
polluting projects.
3. Curtail public input, environmental review, and government accountability.
4. Require a certain number of harmful fossil fuel projects to be designated as projects of strategic national importance; to receive priority federal support,
assistance, and expedited environmental review
5. Undermine the Clean Water Act; and more.

Support Senator Kaine's Pipeline Fairness, Transparency, and Responsible Development Act  

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