Speak Up for the Cherish Act and the Cherish Year 1 Budget Campaign

Please act now. We need you to tell your lawmakers to take action and fund our public colleges and universities.

Our movement for education justice has seen some of its greatest victories over the last few years, culminating in the passage of the Student Opportunity Act to invest billions in our public schools. Now, we are continuing the fight to Fund Our Future in public higher education with the Cherish Act and our Cherish Year 1 Budget Campaign.

Ask your lawmakers to support our Cherish Act Year 1 Budget Campaign to invest $120 million in our public colleges in the FY21 state budget, and then ask them to contact Sen. Anne Gobi and Rep. Jeff Roy, the chairs of the Joint Committee on Higher Education, to express support for the Cherish Act and report it favorably out of their committee.

We urge you to both email and call both your state senator and your state representative. After you have finished sending your message to legislators, please contact them by phone. Call information is here.

To learn more about our campaign, visit fundourfuturema.org.

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