Comments on NYC DOE's C4E "plan"

The Contracts for Excellence is a provision in state law that is supposed to ensure that additional state funds provided NYC schools are used to provide students with their right to smaller classes and a sound basic education. NYC is receiving more than $530 million in additional funds this year from the state but has proposed a terrible plan that does not target a single dollar towards reducing class size, and has many other serious deficiencies as pointed out in a letter sent to DOE & the State Education Department by Class Size Matters, the Alliance for Quality Education & the Education Law Center. It is up to the State to approve or reject this plan and that is why State officials are copied on these comments.

Please send a message now to DOE and State Ed officials, and feel free to alter the message in any way you like, by adding in details from your experience as a teacher, parent, student or concerned New Yorker. The deadline for comments is Monday January 17. Thanks!

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