BIDEN and CONGRESS: Do something about big tech

Big tech is everywhere: companies like Meta, Alphabet, Amazon, Uber, Apple, and others scale their influence every day: aggregating and selling our data, owning media and social media platforms (and what’s said and seen on them), pushing back against legislation to limit their power and growth, and changing the nature of work and our lives with the increase of people finding work on platforms and apps. 56% of people believe tech companies need more regulation.

Big tech permeates a lot of things, so there’s a lot Biden and Congress should do: push for legislation around privacy, data collection, anti-trust, and corporate consolidation. Push for regulation of social media and use of data. Continue and expand the investigation into gig and app workers to ensure they get fair rights. Put more money in to the FTC and NLRB so they can do their jobs to regulate big tech. Pass the PRO act and other legislation that would ensure rights for gig and insecure workers. And push for electoral changes so that the amount of money corporations donate doesn’t control everything.