Photo of Dan Baker

Daniel Baker is a US army veteran and former YPG sniper who heroically fought Daesh/ISIS in Rojava. Upon his return home, he volunteered as a street medic and attended many Black Lives Matter demonstrations. In 2021, after the attempted insurrection at the U.S. capitol, Daniel called on Floridians to defend the state capitol from possible attack by the far-right. The FBI used this to build a case of “threats” and “inciting violence” against Dan, railroading him in court in May 2021. Five months later, Dan was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison.

The Intercept wrote about the injustice of Dan's conviction and sentence in 2021.

Now on the verge of release, Dan's captors seem determined to make his last days in prison as torturous as possible. Dan has had books and personal items confiscated. The Bureau of Prisons is refusing to provide him with an asthma puffer or replace his damaged eyeglasses. He's been physically assaulted. He has been denied access to medical treatment for a tumor. His ability to contact people outside via email and phone calls has been restricted - including calls to his lawyer. BOP staff have been retaliating against Dan in ways that jeopardize his release date and access to housing after his release.

We need to let Dan's jailers know that we've got his back, we're watching what they do and how they treat him, and they need to do right by him! Please join us in contacting Bureau of Prisons officials to demand that Dan's human rights be respected!