Dear Sound Transit: Please Fix Escalators and Elevators

Escalators out of service at Westlake Station while people hike the stairs.

As riders return to transit, they are discovering that Sound Transit's escalators and elevators are routinely out of service due to poor maintenance and aging equipment. While there are some efforts to replace downtown Seattle equipment, the agency hasn't fully targeted completion until 2031. New equipment installed in newer stations is also not operating as well as the agency had hoped.

So far, the response by the agency in terms of progress, information, and complaints has left so much to be desired. That's why it's important to put pressure on agency leadership to take extraordinary actions. Riders shouldn't have to wait for solutions years from now, which may or may not even pan out.

We have a letter that you can send to the Sound Transit Board of Directors urging meaningful action immediately and over the next few years to reach a state of good operations.

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