Demand a Tuition Freeze, 5% salary increase, and relief for workers now! #COVIDACTIONNOW

The University of Virginia has endangered countless numbers of students, workers, and community members for over a year. The Board of Visitors and UVa administration must take action NOW! This is why we are urging the University’s Board of Visitors to meet the following demands during their upcoming meeting on Tuesday, April 13th:

1. Freeze tuition through the 2024-2025 academic year.

2. Sustain state-mandated 5% salary increase for faculty and staff after Fiscal Year 2022.

3. Reopen Emergency Relief Fund for contracted workers.

Not only is UVa a multi-billion institution, but UVa has also received a total of $58.6 million in federal COVID-19 emergency relief funds which they have yet to allocate to students and workers. Workers, community members, and students should not bear the costs of the pandemic when UVa has the money. Let’s not forget Jim Ryan’s salary alone sits at $962,875.  

All letters sent directly to each member of the Board of Visitors, President Jim Ryan, Vice President of Finance Melody Bianchetto, Co-Executive Vice President Chief Operating Officer Jennifer Davis, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs Susan Davis, Executive Vice President and Provost Elizabeth Magill.

A sample letter can be found at

A comprehensive list of demands and other resources can be found