Enforce State COVID-19 Guidelines

Before we bring more students back into the classroom during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to know that every school in Pennsylvania is following the state’s health and safety guidance.

That’s the message I sent to Acting Secretary of Education Noe Ortega and Secretary of Health Rachel Levine in a letter I sent them this week. You can see a copy of that letter here. Let Acting Secretary Ortega and Secretary Levine know that we want the state to enforce state COVID-19 guidance before bringing more students back into the classroom.

Here’s what you need to know

  • On Jan. 7, the state departments revised their guidance to allow schools to bring more elementary-level students back to classrooms for in-person instruction.
  • For months, PSEA has demanded that the state departments take immediate action to ensure that all schools are following existing state COVID-19 guidance.
  • We’ve demanded that they take these steps to reduce health risks for all students, school staff, and their families during the pandemic.
  • So far, the state hasn’t acted on these demands.

Let Acting Secretary Ortega and Secretary Levine know what you think

We want to be back in our schools and classrooms with all of our students. But first we need to keep our schools and everyone in them safe. This is no time to take unnecessary risks.

Contact Acting Secretary Ortega and Secretary Levine today and let them know that.

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