Equal Rights Amendment


We need the Equal Rights Amendment

Why We Need the ERA

  • In 1972 when the Equal Rights Amendment was first passed women earned .76 cents to a man’s dollar. Today more than 30 years later women earn .77 cents to a man’s dollar with African-American women earning .65 and Hispanic women earning .55 per $1 white men earn for doing the same work.
  • There are only 7 countries that have not signed onto the CEDAW International Women’s Treaty (Convention for the Elimination of All Discrimination Against Women); the United States is one of those countries because we do not prohibit discrimination on account of sex in our Constitution.
  • The US insisted that all countries drafting constitutions after World War II include a statement that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex; the US Constitution has no such clause.

We only need 2 more states to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, and we need the Congress to pass joint resolutions to ensure the ERA will go into effect. Urge your Senators to cosponsor SJRes. 5 and your Representative to cosponsor HJRes. 533.