STOP HB 12 - Say No to the State Takeover of Public Education

Tell the House Primary and Secondary Education Committee to STOP House Bill 12 – SAY NO to the State Takeover of Public Education!

House Bill 12 is a power grab that shifts oversight of public education to the governor. Not only does HB 12 inject partisan politics into public education, it prioritizes the needs of businesses and politicians over the needs of students.

By creating the Department of Education and Workforce, HB 12 focuses on a long wishlist of business leaders and politicians instead of the healthy development and education needs of Ohio children. This massive overhaul does nothing to address the real issues facing public education like unconstitutional school funding, under-resourced schools, and teacher shortages.

Worse, by eliminating the key duties of our democratically-elected State Board of Education representatives, HB 12 silences the voices of families, voters, and taxpayers. The bill goes further to loosen rules around Ohio’s homeschooling system, allowing more neo-Nazi extremists to prosper in the loosely regulated system.

HB 12 creates more problems than it solves. It’s time for state leaders to put Ohio children at the front of the class and focus on REAL EDUCATION ISSUES.

Tell the House Primary and Secondary Education Committee to STOP HB 12. Our kids' futures are at stake!

Learn more about HB 12 HERE.