Ensure Survivors of Military Sexual Assault Have Access to Justice.

One year after President Obama called for a review of how the military handles sexual assault, the justice system remains broken. It continues to fail our heroes in uniform and weaken our military. The military needs to be held accountable.

The clock is running out. The deadline to show progress is upon us. 

Survivors have consistently, and independently of each other, said that the number one barrier to reporting was a lack of trust in the chain of command. They don't trust the command. They don't trust the leadership. Any set of reforms that does not directly address the irreparably broken trust in the system is incomplete at best.

Ask yourself, "How many more victims are required to suffer before we demand our Congress pass legislation that protects the very people who protect us? How many lives will be ruined before we fix our broken justice system?" 

Don't let the clock run out. Write and call your members of Congress today, and ask them the same thing. Urge them to support the Military Justice Improvement Act. 

Be bold. Your elected officials are in office to represent you and to pass laws that protect the American people -- certainly our brave service members should be included in that. Let your representatives know that this matters to you. It's a priority. And that your vote depends on it.

Earlier this year, we generated so much support for the Military Justice Improvement Act that the majority of senators -- 55 -- voted in favor of it before it was shut down by filibuster. Today, we have an opportunity to come back strong and come back with vengeance. 

Together, we can help reform the military's broken justice system and ensure that survivors of military sexual assault have the access to justice that they deserve.

To contact your representatives by phone, call 1-888-907-6886.

To write your representatives, use the form to your right.

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