Update: ILSR Staff Union has been recognized!

Update 7/20: ILSR management has recognized our union! Thank you to each and every one of you who has voiced support. Keep an eye on our Twitter for updates as we move forward in this process.

Update 7/16: ILSR co-directors responded to say they are attending to our request but have not yet offered a process for voluntary recognition.

On July 13, staff at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) announced the formation of the ILSR Staff Union, represented by the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) Local 12, AFL-CIO.

We have asked ILSR Co-Directors John Farrell and Stacy Mitchell to voluntarily recognize our union, but they have declined to respond until they speak with an attorney. Their hesitancy to recognize our union disregards the overwhelming support for the union from ILSR staff.

To say we are disappointed in their choice to delay recognition is an understatement. It runs contrary to the mission of ILSR itself — particularly the belief that democracy can only thrive when economic and political power is widely dispersed. Senior leadership at ILSR has always worked to democratize power throughout our economy, yet they will not take this step of democratizing power in our own workplace.

Through forming a union, we seek to build an even stronger, more sustainable organization for our employees, our coalition partners, and the communities we work in solidarity with. The ILSR Staff Union will promote transparency by facilitating conversations between staff members at all levels of seniority and across programs; strengthen institutional knowledge by helping the organization retain valuable staff members; ensure equity by giving all staff members a voice in decision-making; and increase staff well-being by clarifying organizational processes and providing structure for change. It will add to the long list of reasons why staff members are proud to work at ILSR.

You can help us receive formal recognition by asking John Farrell, Stacy Mitchell, and the ILSR Board of Directors to recognize the ILSR Staff Union immediately!

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ILSR Staff Union
Minneapolis, Minnesota