Fund Our Families - Make the Corporate Business Tax (CBT) Surcharge Permanent!

Every New Jersey family deserves strong communities, great schools, excellent mass transit, and a healthy environment. Our State’s families simply cannot afford to subsidize an enormous tax cut for the most profitable corporations. New Jersey lawmakers must put the needs of working people, families, and communities first, not those of special interests.

NJ’s Corporate Business Surtax, which is a 2.5 percent tax on profits above $1 million, expired at the end of last year. The surtax rightly targets the most profitable businesses operating in New Jersey, including mega-corporations like Amazon, Walmart, and Bank of America. Letting this tax on the wealthiest corporations expire will mean less funding for critical programs used by middle class New Jerseyans like mass transit, child care, and education.

Please sign a letter to your state legislators urging them to renew the Corporate Business Tax Surtax and make sure the wealthiest corporations pay what they owe in New Jersey!

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