Green New Deal

Tell your elected officials to cosponsor Green New Deal legislation

The Green New Deal will address the climate emergency, fund necessary research, invest in infrastructure, and create millions of good new jobs. With the Novel Coronavirus and systemic imbalances causing an economic crisis, the time to act is now!

The science is in. The dangers caused by climate change already constitute a deadly global emergency. We have barely a decade to dramatically change our energy and other policies to address global warming before it’s too late.

Global warming increases the severity of devastating storms, melts ancient ice, causes droughts and floods, and imperils human beings in the U.S. and world wide.

Fossil fuels, neglect of public infrastructure, industrial agribusiness practices, and erosion of employment are all unsustainable and currently threaten our lives and livelihood.

We face systemic under-employment, exacerbated by the loss of good jobs with living wages and benefits.

The Pentagon has warned that climate-based drought, floods, super storms, and other destabilzation constitute a more serious threat to national security than terrorism.

The Green New Deal is the solution we need to address all lf these serious challenges, while creating economic and other opportunities. Congress must act immediately.

Use this action alert to contact your Senators and your Representative and urge them to cosponsor Green New Deal legislation, including a new committee to enact the Green New Deal.