Take Action on Emergency Rent and Mortgage Relief Legislation (HB5574) and Lift the Ban on Rent Control (HB255)

Our communities need rent and mortgage relief now! We need legislators in Springfield to take action and pass HB5574 HA1- The Emergency Renter and Homeowner Protection Act and HB255 - Lift the Ban on Rent Control.

The COVID pandemic is exacerbating a financial crisis for working families all across Illinois. Families are having to choose between paying their rent or putting food on the table. With record numbers of unemployment and an uncertain future with the public health emergency people need immediate relief. Our communities need rent cancellation and mortgage forbearance and we need to lift the ban on rent control now.

The legislature is meeting this week to consider emergency legislative measures that are needed to address the COVID-19 pandemic. No one should be afraid of losing their home during this public health crisis.

Contact your legislators and demand that they prioritize our communities by passing HB5574 HA1 to provide rent and mortgage relief to working families and HB255 to lift the ban on rent control in Illinois!

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