Health Insurance Companies Asking for Rate Hikes - tell them no!

Five health insurance companies sent a letter to Governor Lamont in April, threatening to move jobs out of Connecticut if the state passed a Public Option.

It worked, and the Public Option was scrapped in the final days of the 2021 session.

CCAG is investigating, and bringing you information you need about the greed and profiteering of these Insurance Companies.

Our latest report, Pandemic Profiteering: Making a Killing on COVID, finds that what these companies reported in profits, and spent on stock buybacks, could have funded the entire state of Connecticut for a year.

Our second report, Games Insurers Play: How Low Will They Go?, explores the tactics and money spent in the 2021 legislative session. It shows that the industry, these Five Families, and dark money groups who don't disclose their donors spent at least $1.3 million in lobbying in just six months. We also show that they, and Senate Republicans, likely broke ethics laws and did not disclose all their expenditures.

Our first report, on CEO compensation, showed that those five companies paid their CEOs $137.7 million in the last year.

Now these companies want to raise your premiums - again.

Tell the Connecticut Insurance Department (CID) that enough is enough. If you are able, please customize with your own experience of what you pay for health care and how insurance restricts your care. If you are a small business owner or nonprofit, please share how the high cost of health care undermines your ability to attract and retain employees and to be competitive.

And make sure to like, follow and share our new Five Families Facebook page, for new reports and related news and information.

It's time our lawmakers listened to the people of Connecticut, rather than millionaire insurance executives. Speak out today!

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