Help Protect Umstead State Park & Call for DEQ to Deny the New Rock Quarry Mining Application


Please help us stop the proposed new RDU Quarry next to Umstead State Park.

The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) must deny the mining permit application due to significant environmental harm caused to Umstead State Park, recreational users, and homeowners along Old Reedy Creek Road.

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IMPORTANT! Please try to state exactly under which of the following 7 subsections the permit should be denied:

  1. That any requirement of this Article or any rule promulgated hereunder will be violated by the proposed operation;
  2. That the operation will have unduly adverse effects on potable groundwater supplies, wildlife, or fresh water, estuarine, or marine fisheries;
  3. That the operation will violate standards of air quality, surface water quality, or groundwater quality that have been promulgated by the Department;
  4. That the operation will constitute a direct and substantial physical hazard to public health and safety or to a neighboring dwelling house, school, church, hospital, commercial or industrial building, public road or other public property, excluding matters relating to use of a public road;
  5. That the operation will have a significantly adverse effect on the purposes of a publicly owned park, forest or recreation area;
  6. That previous experience with similar operations indicates a substantial possibility that the operation will result in substantial deposits of sediment in stream beds or lakes, landslides, or acid water pollution; or
  7. That the applicant or any parent, subsidiary, or other affiliate of the applicant or parent has not been in substantial compliance with this Article, rules adopted under this Article, or other laws or rules of this State for the protection of the environment or has not corrected all violations that the applicant or any parent, subsidiary, or other affiliate of the applicant or parent may have committed under this Article or rules adopted under this Article and that resulted in:
    1. Revocation of a permit,
    2. Forfeiture of part or all of a bond or other security,
    3. Conviction of a misdemeanor under G.S. 74-64,
    4. Any other court order issued under G.S. 74-64, or
    5. Final assessment of a civil penalty under G.S. 74-64, [or]
    6. Failure to pay the application processing fee required under G.S. 74-54.1.
Your comments will be sent as an email to the offices of DEQ, Governor Cooper and all local elected officials in Durham and Wake County and the Cities of Raleigh and Durham.

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