Protect Umstead State Park & Tell DEQ to Deny the Mining Permit | Stop RDU Quarry

Please help us protect Umstead State Park and the threatened Neuse River Waterdog - Stop RDU Quarry!

The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) must deny the mining permit application due to significant environmental harm caused to Umstead State Park, recreational users, and homeowners along Old Reedy Creek Road.

Your messaging is making a difference! Ask DEQ to do a FULL Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) as as required by their rules under the NC Environmental Policy Act (NCEPA) - Follow the law!

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See next page for writing tips. Also check out the following links for more information:

  1. How Wake Stone reneged on the Sunset Clause to allow themselves to mine indefinitely next to Umstead State Park: (Link here)
  2. Basic facts about the RDU Wake Stone Quarry issue and what you can do to help: (Link here)
  3. Learn how a new quarry will have long-lasting environmental and health damages for the park, the wildlife, and the people. (Link here)
  4. Learn about the Neuse River Waterdog and its new threatened status. (Link here)

Your comments will be sent as an email to the offices of DEQ, Governor Cooper and all local elected officials in Durham and Wake County and the Cities of Raleigh and Durham.

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