Protect Local Clean Energy From PG&E Rate Spike!

PG&E has proposed an unprecedented 100% fee increase to Community Choice Energy programs that could make CCEs no longer viable for many communities.  Community Choice Energy is the most powerful tool we have in California today to move quickly to 100% Renewable Energy in local communities.

The proposed increase is in PCIA fees that compensate PG&E for loss of revenue on long-term contracts.  These fee increases are anti-competitive and threaten the many CCE programs all across the Bay Area and California.

Send a letter to the CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) and urge them to reject PG&E's excessive proposed PCIA fee spike.  A sample letter is included, which you can also modify. 

For more information, you can read the PCIA Fees information sheet.  We also need letters from local governments, please encourage your local leaders to sign on.  Click here for the local government letter. Thanks to LEAN and MCE for the sample letters and info sheet.
Letter Campaign by
Nan Farley
San Francisco, California
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