Let the School Board know: Students Deserve More, not Less- JESPA's Budget Platform

We need to use our voice to make sure our school board members have heard us. Join us by writing a letter to the Jeffco Board of Education.

JESPA is 4,000 Education Support Professionals. We are public-school frontline workers, and we are most likely to live in the neighborhoods where we work. We are likely to have children or grandchildren in school, and we are active community members.  

We as Education Support Professionals agree: Jeffco students deserve MORE, not Less.

As JESPA, we prioritize supports for the WHOLE CHILD. We work to keep students safe, healthy, engaged, supported, and challenged!

Jeffco students deserve:

1. To be supported: We need more staff to provide social/emotional supports, restorative practices, and other positive behavior supports. We need welcoming and inclusive school environments and a focus on equity. We can’t forget family outreach and engagement.

2. To be healthy and safe: We need more custodians to sanitize buildings and more bus drivers to get students to school safely. We also need more mental health supports, better quality food, and more time for students to eat and take recess.

3. To be engaged and challenged: We need low class sizes and increased classroom supports, especially paraprofessionals and paraeducators, who support student learning and to support students with special needs.