LOCAL GOVERNMENTS: Do something about fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are leading us toward a path of destruction with ongoing climate disaster coast to coast. Hurricanes, floods, and fires, and extreme temperatures, are destroying communities and taking lives. 72% of people want the government to encourage production of renewable energy (but let’s make them good union jobs, right?), and 50% of people want to minimize our reliance on fossil fuels (of course, we’ll need to phase them out entirely, but we’re realists here; let’s take it one step at a time). Yet, investments in fossil fuels by big banks, insurance companies, private equity companies and asset managers continue, even pushed to do so by some local States, and the government keeps opening up more land for fracking. We’re taking steps in the wrong direction, and things have to change.

Demand your local Governors and state legislators pass resolutions and bills to transition to 100% renewable with good union jobs for all. They should also stop any sort of legislation against “woke capitalism” or anti-ESG because those bills are extremely false and simply taking money from our communities. Instead, local governments need to encourage companies to divest from fossil fuels, invest in our communities, including in renewables and good jobs, and pay their fair share of tax so we can build infrastructure and services for everyone in our communities.