Support New Homes at Block 21!

San Mateo and the rest of the Bay Area are experiencing a severe housing shortage, displacement, and affordability crisis. More well-designed and well-located homes must be built to alleviate our region's housing problems.

That's why the Housing Action Coalition and Greenbelt Alliance are proud to support an innovative new project at Block 21 that would bring 111 much-needed homes to the city of San Mateo.

To get these homes built, we need your help!

Send a letter to the San Mateo City Council to express your support for Block 21 by simply clicking on the “START WRITING” button, and a form letter will appear that you can send as-is or edit.

Some of the project's many highlights include:

1.Transforms a space into a place for affordable new homes.

This project would add 111 homes to an area close to jobs and public transportation. With 12 homes dedicated for very-low income residents (15% of the base-density), the project exceeds the city’s affordability requirements.

2.Close proximity to transit and community resources.

The project is located within a quarter mile of a Caltrain station, helping to provide alternative transit options for future residents. This site is exceptionally well-located near both transit and amenities like retail, restaurants and jobs that will help limit car trips and thus reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Built using environmentally friendly practices.

Block 21 promotes environmental benefits through reflective roof membranes, insulated exterior facades, and double-paned windows/glazing systems. The project will also provide bike parking for residents and subgrade parking for both office uses and residential tenants

4. Community benefits and beautification.

This project has prioritized a pedestrian-focused street featuring substantial streetscape improvements including wider sidewalks, street trees, public art, street furniture, and pedestrian-scale lighting. This will help improve walkability and connection from residential neighborhoods to Downtown San Mateo.

Send a letter to urge the San Mateo City Council to move this project forward!

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