HEPA air purifiers are a medical necessity for all and should be automatically eligible on Health Savings Accounts.

HEPA air purifiers should be automatically included as eligible for FSA and other health savings accounts. Health Savings accounts like FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts) currently require a Letter of Medical Necessity from a healthcare provider for verification when using FSA to purchase air purifiers and replacement HEPA filters. The IRS does NOT require a Letter of Medical Necessity for PPE such as respirator and medical masks, and hand sanitizer, "for the primary purpose of preventing spread" of respiratory virus. In addition to removing pathogens from the air, air purifiers are used in many parts of the country now at times for air pollution such as wildfire smoke. This is a medical necessity for all humans and should not require a diagnosis or a Letter of Medical Necessity.

Please join me in writing to the White House and elected representatives in the U.S. House and Senate, either directly yourself or with this form. Feel free to take my sample letter.

Chloe Humbert

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Scranton, PA