National Parks are for nature, NOT commercial development

Cooloola National Park

is a World Heritage quality landscape

It is unique, it is beautiful, it is precious

It is NOT the place for Commercial development!

Please help us tell the State Government that

Register your objection to this terrible plan

The Queensland Government is planning to create private leases inside Cooloola National Park for commercial development and operation of private luxury accommodation. Similar plans are underway for other National Parks across the State.

Stopping this needs your objection. Please fill in your details at right and click 'START WRITING' to go to a page that makes it easy for you to submit your objection.

The commercial lease areas planned for Cooloola are located on fragile and significant sites including Double Island Point, Poona Lake, and the Upper Noosa River. Disturbing and displacing precious habitat within National Parks for excessively large luxury facilities and service roads is not 'Eco-tourism'. It is destructive and inequitable exploitation of valuable public assets.

38sq. mtrs. of creature comfort is a ridiculously large space for just two people to spend a single night between segments of their 'luxury walking product'. Ten of these cabins, plus constructed common facilities, would be built at both Double Island Point and Poona Lake. Six 24sq. mtr. Glamping units plus facilities would be built at each of three sites along the Great Walk down to Campsite 3 on the Upper Noosa River.

National Parks are public assets. Our Parks cover only 5% of the State and are the only areas where nature is safe from the impacts of commercial development. Now developers want our Parks as well!

This is simply unacceptable, especially when our native species are under such pressure of extinction and in dire need of secure refuge.

The Government refuses to consult properly on this major change to our National Parks. It deals only with select insider groups and is excluding all others. It refuses to answer crucial public interest questions.

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