No New Cops! Divest from SPD and invest in community priorities!

We need our city to fund the things our community really needs to stay safe, but the Mayor wants City Council to spend hundreds of millions to continue to bankroll SPD!

Today, tell the council what you want to get funded instead of cops!

Want to learn more about the proposed budget items mentioned below, the budget process, and how to get involved? Check out this recording of our Solidarity Budget teach-in.

We are calling on the Seattle City Council to shift at least $10 million more from the Seattle Police Department to Participatory Budgeting, to effectively continue the hiring freeze through 2021 instead of hiring 114 new cops. In addition, we are asking that they make the following investments in community priorities:

  • YES NEW SIDEWALKS! Restore two sidewalk projects in Beacon Hill
  • YES GREEN NEW DEAL! Include funding for Weatherization and Electrification
  • YES TINY HOUSES! $800,000 for Self-Managed homeless communities
  • YES VEHICLE RESIDENT OUTREACH! Fund the Scofflaw Mitigation Program for people living in their cars and RVs.

Please join us in sending an email to the Councilmembers in support of these things and calling for No New Cops!

Solidarity Budget Statement endorsed by 150+ organizations

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