Ohio - Fund Transit Now!

Too many Ohioans struggle to get to work, school, the doctor’s office, healthy food, among other things. Cars are expensive to own, insure and operate. For many working class people they can be prohibitively expensive. For older adults and people with disabilities, driving may not be an option at all.

Ohio continues to take your tax dollars to expand highways while bus routes throughout the state are cut and fares continue to increase for less service. Enough is enough.

Despite being the 7th largest state, Ohio ranks 45th in the nation for our state’s support of public transit. Many of our neighboring states spend 10 times or much more on transit per person.

The Ohio Department of Transportation’s own 2015 Statewide Transit Needs Study recommended at least $120 million to fund transit.

Yet Ohio’s funding for transit has plummeted from over $40 million in 2001 to less than $7 million today.

Tell your state legislators it's time to invest in a 21st century transportation system. It is time Ohio invests in transit.

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