No pharmaceutical profiteering from the pandemic


Drug companies are lobbying for monopoly control over treatments and vaccines for COVID-19. They shouldn't be allowed to price gouge on medicine any time, but especially not during a pandemic.

Please use the form at the right to write to our members of Congress and ask them to pass legislation with these important provisions:

  • NO MONOPOLY EXCLUSIVITY: Pharmaceutical manufacturers should not be granted exclusivity for any COVID-19 vaccine, drug, or other therapeutic—whether it has been developed with U.S. taxpayer dollars and publicly funded, or not. Exclusivity determines who has access, who can manufacture, and how we scale up production to meet the need. We cannot leave decisions on pricing and access to a single, profit-motivated private company.
  • STOP PROFITEERING: All COVID-19 vaccines, drugs or therapeutics must be reasonably priced and affordable at low or no cost for everyone who needs it. An “after the fact” enforcement mechanism is not efficient enough for a public health emergency—we must mandate up front that manufacturers agree to a reasonable price.
  • FULL TRANSPARENCY: For any COVID-19 vaccine, drug, or therapeutic, pharmaceutical manufacturers must publicly report the total expenditures of the manufacturer on research and development, clinic trials and other uses for billions in public funds they have received.