Pass Strongest Single Use Bag Ban in the Nation!

Taylor McFarland - NJ Sierra Club

Good news! The Senate and Assembly both passed S864 to ban single use carryout bags, Styrofoam food containers, and require straws to be provided only upon request. Now the bill only awaits Governor Murphy's signature before NJ becomes a national leader in curbing single-use waste!

Waste and litter from single-use plastics and other disposable products are creating an environmental crisis. We dispose of 100 billion plastic bags every year in the U.S., over 4 billion of which are used and disposed of in NJ. These bags and other single-use disposables are a threat to our health and environment, harming marine life, clogging storm drains, and releasing toxins into our air and water when disposed of by incineration and landfill.

NJ now has an opportunity to be a leader in the nation on reducing waste . This bill has overwhelming public support and over 55 towns and 2 counties have already passed local ordinances.

Take Action! Tell Governor Murphy to sign this bill into law as soon as possible!

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