People Powered Fair Maps - The People’s Maps for PA House and Senate

It’s time to demand fair legislative maps in Pennsylvania. The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania supports the People’s Maps submitted to the Legislative Reapportionment Commission (LRC) for consideration on Nov. 10 by Fair Districts PA.

We anticipate the LRC will release their own draft maps soon. Electoral districts belong to all of us, and all of us should have a say in how our districts are drawn.

Write to your legislators asking them to encourage the LRC to:

  • Begin their own mapping process with a clean slate

  • Define the values, criteria and guidelines they will use when drawing or evaluating a map

  • SHOW and SHARE their work

  • Ask for community input throughout the entire process

  • Consider the People’s Maps

Read more about the maps on the FDPA website.

The People’s Maps are the product of countless rounds of review and revision, incorporating public testimony, input from feedback forms, and dozens of large and small community mapping conversations. The goal was to demonstrate that regular people can balance priorities, gather input and create maps that make sense and provide fair outcomes for ALL the people of Pennsylvania.

No map is perfect. Given Pennsylvania’s geography and strangely shaped cities and counties, many districts don’t have smooth edges or fall into neat rectangular shapes. Many school districts, even some municipalities, cross county lines. Districts in populous areas will be geographically small, while those in more rural areas may cover multiple counties.

Every line is a decision and every district involves tradeoffs. FDPA's goals was to meet median metrics for essential legal requirements (compactness, contiguity, minimal splits, minority representation, ad lack of partisan bias), while incorporating LACRA safeguards and community input.

Enter your information to the right to contact your PA Representative and Senator asking them to help end gerrymandering by supporting a redistricting process that can help establish an accountable government that represents the people of PA - not partisan politicians or outside interests

In order to identify who your legislators are we need your address. You will have the chance to customize the letter.