Please ask our Delegates to vote YES on HB624 to improve funding to public schools

Virginia’s Department of Education is using an out-of-date funding formula to calculate the funding for schools. As a result, our public schools are greatly underfunded.

HB624 will help improve public education in Virginia by adequately funding our public schools. A 2023 JLARC report* concluded that Virginia systematically underestimates what schools have to pay their staff, and provides less funding per student than the national or regional average.  Among other improvements, HB624 would address this problem by modernizing the “Standard of Quality” formula by which the level of state and local funding is determined to cover a broader range of school employees and to ensure that funding keeps up with inflation.  HB624 will help Virginia’s students, and deserves everyone’s support.

* JLARC is the General Assembly's “Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission.” Their July 2023 report entitled “Virginia’s K-12 Funding Formula” can be found at
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