Please sign onto Bill S.6296/A. 7447 to update & renew NYC's commitment to lower class size!

Class sizes in NYC schools are 15-30% larger than in the rest of the state, and too large according to NY State's highest court to provide a sound basic education to our kids.  Now that NYC DOE is getting full Foundation funding from the NY State, as promised by the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit, it's time for the law to be updated so that NYC renews its commitment to lower class size.

A bill in the State Senate and State Assembly would do this, sponsored by Sen. Robert Jackson, the original CFE plaintiff, and Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon. Please ask your State Legislators to co-sponsor these bills by sending them a letter. Start by entering your information to the right; and feel free to add to or alter the letter in any way you wish, Thanks!

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