Prioritize Telework for Federal Workers

Telework should be prioritized for our future, to mitigate climate change and infectious disease in the ongoing pandemic. Yet the U.S. Senate and the Biden administration are trying to scale back and restrict telework for federal employees. The fossil fuel industry and commercial real estate industry wants people commuting, and that's who's lobbying our elected politicians that are supposed to represent us. Don't think for a moment this push will be limited to federal employees. Telework wherever possible must become the accessible, climate and disease mitigating norm.

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Thanks for joining me,

Chloe Humbert

Letter text:

Maximum Telework for government workers should continue for our future, in order to promote disability accessibility, stop infectious disease spread, and prioritize our move away from squandering fossil fuel energy on pointless and unhealthy commutes. Working from home works. It's going to need to work even more if we want a functional future and the essential job positions in the government filled. Prioritize and promote telework for all, now, and going forward.

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