Put People First!


The truth is that no one should have to make the choice between housing and food, no matter who you are, where you come from, where you work, or how much you earn. That’s why we are calling on Mayor Bowser to Put People First in FY20

No one should ever have to choose between housing and healthcare, food or transportation, safety or income. But for thousands of District residents, particularly those from marginalized communities, these are decisions that people must make every single day.

Each year, the DC Fair Budget Coalition creates a budget platform that outlines the priority investments needed in the District to advance social, racial, and economic justice and ensure that no one is forced to choose between their basic needs.

Mayor Bowser: Put People First in FY20! You need to fund Housing Security, Economic Justice, Food Access, Healthcare, Community Safety and Fair Taxes and Public Deals to make sure that no one in DC has to make these impossible choices.

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