Reject Governor-Elect Youngkin’s nomination of Andrew Wheeler

Please write to your Virginia Senator today and ask that they reject Governor-Elect Youngkin’s nomination of Andrew Wheeler to be Virginia’s next Secretary of Natural Resources.  A former coal lobbyist, Wheeler was head of the EPA under former President Trump where he worked to undermine years of bipartisan progress to protect our environment. We can’t let this happen in Virginia!

Ask VA State Senators to reject Andrew Wheeler as VA's next Secretary of Natural Resources!


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About Wheeler

In his first year as the Trump's EPA Administrator, Wheeler:
  • Sidelined scientists and worked to restrict the use of scientific data in agency rule-making.
  • Rolled back federal efforts to clean up coal ash.
  • Backed unsafe levels of PFAs in our drinking water.
  • Reversed Clean Water Act protections.
  • Buried a report on formaldehyde's impact as a carcinogen.
  • Ignored EPA scientists' calls to ban asbestos.
  • Weakened a rule to cut methane - our most potent greenhouse gas.
  • Blocked efforts to cut vehicle emissions and advance fuel efficiency.
  • Moved to repeal and replace the Clean Power Plan.

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