Save Montana Programs and Services - Act Now to Help Avoid Devastating Cuts!

During the 2017 session, rather than strengthen our financial reserves and prepare for a brighter future, legislators chose to gamble with Montana's critical programs and services . Now, with our fire-fund drained and revenues depleted after years of tax cuts for the wealthy, We The People face devastating cuts in state funding of vital programs and services, and the good folks who daily deliver those programs and services.

So now it is time to speak up and tell your story. Time to say how state cuts will hurt our friends and neighbors who need help the most.

Fill out this template letter with your story and we'll make sure it gets to your local senator and representative, as well as legislators on the following committees:

Montana Senate Taxation Committee

Montana Senate Finance & Claims Committee

Montana House of Representatives Appropriations Committee

Montana House of Representatives Taxation Committee

Feel free to forward the link to your family, friends, or whoever else cares about strong public services and programs.