TIME-SENSITIVE: Stop impending demolition of Palestinian School in the West Bank

Please press your Members of Congress to intervene and prevent the demolition of al-Maleh school in the West Bank. Also invite them to join briefings to discuss the crisis of demolitions, confiscations, and evictions in the West Bank and Jerusalem.

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Al Maleh School (Northern Jordan Valley near al Aqabah): Al-Maleh, which is located in the Jordan Valley, was issued a 96-hour demolition order on December 28th, 2020. The school serves 50 elementary and kindergarten students and was built two years ago using European Union funding. It is also on private land belonging to the Catholic Church and is not within an archeological zone, as alleged by the Israeli Army. Per a February 3rd, 2021 statement by Bimkom, an Israeli housing and urban planning human rights organization: “there is no evidence of archeological findings in the place [of al-Maleh] and several Israeli settlement outline plans were ratified even-though the places were included in the Mandate declaration of archeology sites”. On Monday, February 8th, the school’s lawyer filed his 5th appeal contending that the demolition order contradicts the Army’s own maps.

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