Save Rudy's Home. Save Animation History

Your email can help us save animation history.

We are trying to save cartoon pioneer Rudolf Ising’s home. Rudy was an early employee of Walt Disney, and went on to establish both Warner Brothers and MGM's animation departments. Rudy and his partner Hugh Harman created Looney Tunes and their character Bosko was first utter the words “That’s All Folks!”

Last year the Los Angele’s Cultural Heritage Commission determined that the building meets the requirements for a monument for its association with Rudolf Ising. Now it has to go through the City Council. We need letters to show that there is support for honoring animation pioneer Rudy Ising with a monument.

The building is a 1936 Streamline Moderne apartment house at 106 S Kings Road. Rudy was the building's first tenant—he lived here from 1936 to 1940. This was a particularly important period during his career.

The building is threatened, please write an email TODAY! Click on the red START WRITING bar on the right hand side of the page.

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