Say NO To Fossil Fuels - Demand a Real Net-Zero Stretch Code for Buildings!

The 2021 Climate Act passed by the Massachusetts State Legislature aims to get Massachusetts to net zero emissions by 2050. One key step toward that goal is for all new building construction to have net zero emissions. That goal requires a new code—called a stretch energy code—that sets building standards and defines a “net-zero building.”

But the new code proposed by Baker Administration’s Department of Energy Resources (DOER)

  • is being rushed through hearings (all in one week) to avoid public input,
  • prevents cities and towns from mandating all-electric new construction,
  • fails to define a “net-zero building,”
  • fails to specify key features of the building performance standards,
  • and shifts the net-zero discussion from individual buildings to the entire state electric grid.

In short, the Baker Administration is pandering to the fossil fuel industry by prevent much-needed steps to avert the climate disaster.

Please, use the link to the right and tell the Department of Energy Commissioner that we need a real Net-Zero Energy Code NOW!