Say NO to HB 8 - Tell Legislators to Stop Targeting LGBTQ+ Students

Say NO to House Bill 8 - Tell Legislators to STOP Targeting LGBTQ+ Students

Ohio lawmakers have re-introduced a copycat "parent notification" bill that endangers LGBTQ+ students and restricts what teachers can teach.

House Bill 8 forces school districts to out LGBTQ+ students by requiring staff to notify parents about any changes to their student's mental, physical, and social well-being. We know this can pose serious harm to LGBTQ+ students and only they should determine when, how, and with whom they share this deeply personal and private experience.

HB 8 also requires districts to notify parents in advance about any "sexually explicit content"  used in the classroom and provide alternative material if the parent objects. The bill's intentionally vague definition is an open door to censor education and target any content about gender identity, sexuality, family dynamics, and relationships.

All students deserve an honest, inclusive education in schools where they feel safe and valued. HB 8 is another extremist attempt to target already vulnerable and marginalized students and censor honest education.

Email the House Primary and Secondary Education Committee urging them to reject House Bill 8.