Fund Transit, Tell Congress to Restore the $10 billion dollars

Write to Congress and demand full funding for transit, full stop!

After a year and a half of some of the most challenging crises of our lives, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to win big and bold investments in climate solutions, jobs, and justice. The bipartisan infrastructure bill falls far short of what is needed to deliver safe and equitable expanded public transit that does not rely on fossil fuel energy.

With recess coming to an end, members of Congress need to prioritize the restoration of $10 billion we need to fund transportation operations, electrification of transit vehicles, and union jobs. If our movement doesn’t act in this critical time, we could see major cuts to investments we’ve been fighting for months and a massive setback on our climate goals.

We are asking House members to ensure that at a minimum, public transit should be funded at the original levels agreed to in June’s bipartisan deal. $10 billion was cut from transit before the Senate passed the package — the only funding category that was cut. That means adding back the additional $10 billion either by the House amending the bipartisan bill or through Reconciliation.

Will you join us to demand that congress invest in public transit, climate, and green jobs now?

Help us boost this message by sending a letter to your US Representative - the next page will ask you to choose a prefix for your name and a topic for your letter. Every congressperson has a different list of topics, but choose something related to transportation or the environment.

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