Stand with Governor Lamont for Clean Cars and Clean Air!

You may have heard that on November 28th, the Regulation Review committee did not vote as scheduled on new regulations, drafted by the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Regulation (DEEP) to accept California’s car emission standards.

These standards would have required NEW cars sold in CT after 2035 to be electric, allowing our state ample time to ensure our electric grid and charging infrastructure allow people to equitably and affordably charge electric vehicles.

Passage was not ensured and the vote was delayed. State Republicans and a Koch brothers front group spread extensive lies about what the regs would do.

Governor Lamont and Democrat lawmakers vowed to continue to work on passing these good regulations and on building a charging infrastructure that is fair and equitable and meets our human and climate needs. Not only if it is the right thing to do - it means Connecticut won’t lose out on millions of federal dollars allocated for clean cars.

Use this form to write a letter to Connecticut representatives – let them know you stand with Governor Lamont in standing up to the Koch brothers and making sure Connecticut remains a leader in adopting clean energy!

As the Governor and others pointed out, our cities now breathe air that is polluted by fossil fuel emissions from gas-powered cars. This is an equity issue and a climate emergency. Show Governor Lamont and others that we have their backs as they fight for the right things!

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