Stop Environmental Injustice and Inequity on African American Communities

Please lend your support to request that Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine come personally visit the Brown Grove Community in Hanover County, Virginia, to help craft a solution to stopping the erasure of this historic African American community. The Brown Grove Community, similar to many other African American communities throughout the US, has been routinely targeted by industrialization without appropriately assessing the racial equity impacts. Wegmans grocery plans to build a 1.1 million square feet warehouse that will operate 24 hours a day in the middle of a residential neighborhood right across the street from Brown Grove Baptist Church, which was established 150 years ago by freed slaves during Reconstruction after the Civil War. The land has been passed down to relatives for generations along with oral history. This legacy continues as the backbone of the community and is a testament to the community's resilience.

The Community of Brown Grove vs. Wegmans, Washington Post, August 4, 2021

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