Stop MVP Southgate!


In early July, we heard the news that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline project had been canceled. After years of legal battles and environmental violations, the cost of construction outweighed the return on investment. MVP mainline faces the same legal battles, stop work orders, and over 400 environmental violations to date. The MVP Southgate extension through Pittsylvania county, VA to Rockingham and Alamance counties in North Carolina would be an orphaned pipeline if MVP were to meet the same fate, which seems more likely as the legal battles continue.

NC Department of Environmental Quality has until August 9th to approve or deny the stream crossing permit for the MVP Southgate extension. This pipeline is unnecessary and would cause irreparable damage to our waterways and environment, use eminent domain against our community members, and tie us to a dying fossil fuel economy for decades.

The Southgate extension should be denied outright. We do not need additional fracked gas infrastructure in our state!

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina
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