​Stop the Proposed Crossroads at West Asheville Development Plan

Proposed Crossroads Plan

Charlotte-based developer, Catalyst Capital Partners, is proposing the largest apartment complex in all of WNC.  The project will be two to three times larger than a typical multi-family development. It is not in the central business district, not connected to a main transportation corridor, and is proposed for undeveloped land in an environmentally-sensitive area. It is surrounded by existing low-density residential neighborhoods of Buncombe County citizens and taxpayers.

Read about the project and the numerous concerns to West Asheville Residents here.

The updated plan now includes 660 residential units with approximately 1200 parking spaces. It would be built on a 55 acres of undeveloped land in a bend of the Hominy with build-out scheduled to begin Spring 2021. This land is surrounded on three sides by the City of Asheville but is not within City limits. It is zoned PS for Public Service. The developers require only a Conditional Use permit from the Buncombe County Board of Adjustment to proceed. Because of the current zoning ordinances, no elected officials accountable to citizens will be involved in approving or denying the largest proposed apartment development in the county to date.

Who benefits from putting this many units here without the infrastructure to support it ? The concerns about this are numerous and far-reaching. Please follow the links on this website to learn more about the proposed plans.

Help stop this project by using the form on the right to write to all Asheville Council Members and to all Buncombe County Commissioners.

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See the before and after if this project goes through.

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