Support AB 504 - Development Oversight for Communities

URGENT: Downtown special interests are trying to kill Assemblywomen Lorena Gonzalez's bill – AB 504! This legislation will ensure that our communities have a voice regarding neighborhood development by Civic San Diego – a private-nonprofit entity that controls public resources!

Our friends describe the situations as: “In essence, CivicSD’s board operates without accountability to the City Council, and thus without accountability to the taxpayers whose dollars it spends.”

We want responsible and responsive development for our communities and to make sure that where public monies and resources are allocated, there is oversight and accountability and that defined community benefits are achieved.

PLEASE send Governor Brown an email / letter telling him to support AB 504!

(Under the drop-down menu for "Letter Topic", select "Legislation Issues/Concerns.")

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IBEW  Local 569
San Diego, California
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