Support accessory dwelling unit (ADU) reform in Seattle!

It's been 5 years since Seattle first considered making it easier to build accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and, after years of delay, we're finally ready for a vote! For a background on the history of ADUs in Seattle, you can read this article from Sightline.

Accessory dwelling units are great for lots of reasons:

- They allow us to build more rental housing without having to tear down existing homes

- ADUs are flexible, allowing seniors to age in place and families to have multiple generations all live in one place. You can read more about why ADUs are age-friendly housing from this report from AARP.

- They allow older homeowners who are "cash poor but house rich" to convert some of their home equity into income and stay in their homes.  

- They reduce emissions by allowing more people to live where they work, reducing car trips.

- They allow more neighbors to live in our wonderful city!

Seattle has a housing crisis and accessory dwelling units are one of many tools we can use to address it. We need your support!

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