Tech 4 Housing

Seattle, WA

We are a community of tech workers who believe that the tech boom can and should benefit every Seattle resident.

Abundant and affordable housing is the foundation of an equitable city.

Seattle is facing a growing housing shortage. Competition for limited housing pits household against household, longtime resident against newcomer, tech worker against non-tech worker. The result is increasing poverty, displacement, economic segregation and loss of opportunity.

A booming economy can make everyone better off—but only if we get housing policy right.

The way forward is to build enough housing for everyone and provide expanded assistance for those struggling most. Unfortunately, current city policy makes it illegal to add essential housing infrastructure across most of Seattle. A movement is building to reform these policies, but it needs our support.

For the sake of our industry and our city, the tech community needs to be part of the solution.

The booming tech industry—and the people, jobs and wealth it's brought—is at the center of any discussion of affordability and livability in Seattle. For too long there has been no response from the tech community itself. It's time for a grassroots organization of tech workers to step up and play a constructive role in shaping an equitable future for Seattle.

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