Support Educator Diversity Act Coalition Priority Budget Amendments 964, 959 , 974, 426, and 428

High school students are not seeing themselves represented in the classroom and therefore not seeing a pathway into the teaching profession. Chairwoman Peisch, in an effort to accelerate the diversification of the Educator Pipeline and help the Department of Elementary Education reach its goal of 25% educator diversity by 2030 has filed several amendments to the House Budget which will transform the educator pipeline across the Commonwealth.

Amendment 964 would expand funding for early college programs and create a new education pathway, aimed at recruiting historically underrepresented students into the teaching profession.  

Many prospective educators face additional barriers post-graduation—including cost of certification, and lack of institutional and financial support. Amendment 959 would expand funding for Educator preparation and residency programs which reduce many of these barriers by providing an alternative path to certification for candidates with varying levels of preparation and education.

Finally, Amendment 974, the Educator Diversity Act, would create alternative pathways to certification, as well as implement an Educator Diversity Data Dashboard, which would report retention and success data disaggregated by race. Amendment 974 would also fund the creation of Educator Diversity Councils to serve as advisory councils to school committees and district leaders on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in local school districts.

In addition to these important amendments the Educator Diversity Act Coalition is also asking you to support the Early College amendments 426 and 428 filed by Chairman Jeff Roy and Chairwoman Alice Peisch, which would sustainably fund and expand Early College for historically underrepresented students. Early College has a proven track record of ensuring that first-generation and students of color have more equitable access to the college-level course work and provides the necessary supports for them to successfully complete their degrees.

An investment in these critical areas will transform into a long-term investment in our students and ultimately in the future of the Commonwealth. Urge your legislators to support Budget Amendments 964, 959, 974, 426, and 428 in order to diversify the teacher workforce and ensure an equitable and affirming educational environment for all.

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